Lisa-Marie opened Groom-Me in 2012. With a love for dogs / animals in general she wanted to give dogs the opportunity to experience dog grooming in a fun and enjoyable environment. As human mummy from Kilda, Lola and Otto she is very involved in Dog Rescue. She also volunteers with Lola at Elsterwick Primary School. Lisa-Marie is our main groomer and specialist on poodle breed clips.

Sophia joined Groom-Me in January 2015. Sophia spend the last few years in South Africa handling, grooming and taking care of Lions. A great job and a even better experience. We are glad she made her way home to Melbourne and joins Groom-Me with a lot of wild animal experiences. You can be sure she will be able to handle your little Maltese. Sophia is our Dog Grooming Assistant and trainee.

Lisa & Sophia


Age: 28 years old
Groom-Me Position: Owner and Groomer
Hobbies: Dog walking, yoga, boxing, watching tv and cuddling on the couch.


Age: 28 years old
Groom-Me Position: Designer & Branding Manager
Hobbies:Playing with Mikey, Exploring cafes and restaurants and Reading