When can I pick up my items?

If you have chosen to pick up locally from our shop, you must pick up within 24 hours after ordered.
Please contact us or see our opening hour here

Why do I have to pay $15 extra for Beds

We want to make sure the product gets to you safely and packaging them properly.
Our of our beds are top quality and they are quite big in sizes - this is the main reason why we have to charge Handling and Shipping price at $15.

When is the latest time to pick up my dog?

You have to pick up your dog latest 1 hour after we inform you that your dog is ready with the grooming. If you inform us before we are able to mind your dog for longer. Latest pick up is 6pm. If you come after 6 pm it is $15 for the first 15 min extra. For over 15 min late it is $30 extra. No PICK UP AFTER 6.30pm.

How can I make a booking with Groom-Me

We recommend to make at least 24 hours ahead of time because we can be really busy. However we alway tries our best to find the time for every. You can contact us by phone or email.

How long will the grooming take?

It depends on what type of grooming your doggies are doing. However, we are more than happy to sit your dogs until you return!